Sometimes we feel anxious, depressed, out of place, and alone. We want to help teens and young adults learn to manage their stress through physical and mindful activities to promote self care. We are here to provide you with FREE resources to help you feel empowered!


Any activity that gets your body and mind moving can alleviate anxiety and depression while reducing stress and increasing focus. Many studies have found improvement in mood and focus with increased physical and creative activity.

You Matter!


You are not alone in your anxiety and depression.  Being a teenager is an emotional time filled with many unknowns and an incredible amount of social, academic and personal pressures and problems.  Moving your Mind is our way of helping you find healthy ways to manage stress, increase focus and move out of the darkness and into a better place. 



We can help.  Along with regular movement and creative programming we have a long list of resources to provide you with the help that you may need.  A licensed therapist is available to speak with you to lead you in the right direction.