About Us - Meaghan Haughey and Mia Levitsky


We co-founded Moving Your Mind because throughout our Junior Year we have found it very difficult to manage different stressors present in our lives. We have both dealt with anxiety ourselves and we found methods to cope with this stress by involving ourselves in various sports teams through school. We ended up getting "cut" from some of these programs leaving us feeling lost. We both became aware that for lots of teens it is about feeling like they are a part of something- feeling like they belong. We knew that we needed something positive to help us cope with our stress, so we decided to join a running club through our school. As we were running together we began talking about how everyone our age deserves to have the opportunities to relieve their anxiety and depression. So many teens are struggling with their mental health.  We want to provide a stress free environment where we can all connect as teens through movement and creative outlets. We hope that with free monthly programs other teens like us can feel a sense of support and and open their minds to physical and creative ways to deal with anxiety and depression.